Victims of hurricane Harvey rescued by cryptocurrency

Victims of hurricane Harvey rescued by cryptocurrency

We live in a digital world. In 21st century, almost everything is available at the touch of a screen. The question is, are the technologies able to keep us safe in the face of natural disasters?

The International Church of Blerk, a registered and recognized crypto-based religion, is aiming to revolutionize peer-to-peer charity. Digital currency helps its members target aid where people need it the most.

Hurricane Harvey

As soon as Hurricane Harvey struck Texas, Church of Blerk Executive Director Jason Seibert, together with its Medical Director Dr. Rhiana Ireland, loaded a car with fuel, chainsaw, generator, water and coffee. They were dodging tornadoes and plowing right into the storm through pouring rain, until they arrived in the center of Matagorda County, that was hard-hit by the hurricane.

In the following days, Seibert and Ireland worked on the creation of shelters in the Galveston County area.

Dr. Ireland was recognized worldwide for her rescuing efforts in the Journal of Emergency Medicine. Seibert ran a makeshift kitchen where he implemented disease control protocols. The kitchen produced nearly 12,000 meals for four local shelters.

Blerk coordinated all the efforts, helping local authorities and advising them on how to handle the situation and how to create new shelters. They even had to manage medical supplies for the shelters as the Red Cross wasn’t present.

Cryptocurrency to the rescue

Blerk’s cars died while running supplies. They managed to find a truck on the north side of Houston on short notice. Unfortunately, wire transfers were not possible at the time of the day due to limitations of banks. Relying on them would have resulted in no transportation for five days.

Trying to find a solution, Seibert contacted Robert Gonzales, owner of the over the counter trading company UTXO, LLC. In collaboration with a well-known OTC trader Jesse Wilkinson, Gonzales helped Jason Seibert to liquidate his personal cryptocurrency assets. Four hours later, the dealer received the cash.

Blerk let people in need receive peer-to-peer aid when traditional banks failed. When traditional financial institutions are helpless, cryptocurrency wins.

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