The most expensive pizza in the world

The most expensive pizza in the world

If you wanted to order a couple of pizzas it would only cost you about $30 after all the delivery fees and tip if you were so inclined. But one man paid for a pizza with a value pushing 21 million to date. This man is known to the online community as Laszlo. And the fateful day he had his pizza was May 22nd 2010.

At the time Laszlo was a programmer. He was paid in bitcoins, and was able to generate thousands of them a day with his work. On May 18th, 2010 Laszlo made a highly unorthodox request. He wanted 2 pizzas; homemade or delivery, and his offer was ten thousand bitcoins. Multiple people would have gladly helped him satisfy his craving, but they were not able to assist him because they lived in different countries. That is until the user “Jercos” bought Laszlo his 2 Papa John’s pizzas on May 22nd.

A record baked in the oven

In May, 2010 ten thousand bitcoins were valued at around $41 on Even then the buyer of the pizza was making almost 33% earnings by ordering the pizza. And Laszlo made the pizza for bitcoin trade an open offer until early August, at which point the cost of the pizza was about $600. In just over 3 months the cost of the famous “Bitcoin Pizza” had grown nearly 14.6%. And since that day, over 7 years ago, the cost has increased by over half a million percent to 21 million dollars.

Laszlo made history that day in multiple ways. May 22nd, 2010, marks the first time that bitcoin was used for a real world purchase. He is also the man to eat the most expensive pizza ever made. But the latter is not the most notable in regards to cryptocurrency. Many bitcoin companies celebrate that esteemed day by ordering pizza for the office. Hopefully they are able to enjoy the pizza as much as Laszlo and his now 7 year old daughter did at the time

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