Victims of hurricane Harvey rescued by cryptocurrency

We live in a digital world. In 21st century, almost everything is available at the touch of a screen. The question is, are the technologies able to keep us safe in the face of natural disasters? The International Church of Blerk, a registered and recognized crypto-based religion, is aiming to revolutionize peer-to-peer charity. Digital currency helps its members target aid where people need it the...[Read More]

The most expensive pizza in the world

If you wanted to order a couple of pizzas it would only cost you about $30 after all the delivery fees and tip if you were so inclined. But one man paid for a pizza with a value pushing 21 million to date. This man is known to the online community as Laszlo. And the fateful day he had his pizza was May 22nd 2010. At the time Laszlo was a programmer. He was paid in bitcoins, and was able to generat...[Read More]

SegWit2x vs. BIP 148: the blockchain can split

The discussions surrounding Bitcoin scaling issues have been going on for years. This summer, they seem to be especially heated (no pun intended). It is possible that blockchain will be split in two parts on August 1st. Today we will take a look at possible scenarios. The number of Bitcoin transactions that can be proceeded simultaneously is limited, creating a huge backlog. The problem isn’...[Read More]

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