Bitcoin blackjack – hit your 21 and bit the dealer

blackjack btc

Bitcoin blackjack

Blackjack for several decades reserves the leading position on popularity. Full tables in real casinos shows large number of fans of this game. However there comes an era of online casino, and now casinos suggest you to plunge into a game on Bitcoin. Bitcoin Blackjack keeps up to date and takes hearts of players around the world.

Imagine: the dealer hits you an ace, and puts the six for himself. At such moment not only heart fades, the whole world stops around. Also it isn’t important at all what card will be following. In such precious seconds we receive inexpressible emotions which are incommensurable to other games

It is simple to play Bitcoin Blackjack

Various types of Blackjack meet in one – to collect 21, or to hit more than dealer. Blackjack is a game in which you can have mathematical overweight over the dealer. Such situation is just shown in the sensational movie “Twenty one”.

Bitcoin blackjack has two most popular versions: classic and surrender blackjack. Surrender blackjack allows you to stop and to take back a half of a bet if you don’t want to continue a game. It is applicable when the dealer has for example a 10, and your hand is in the sum 16 or 15. At such moment it is time to begin a new round, taking back a half of the bet. In such type of a blackjack odds of casino at a short distance is absolutely leveled.

Alas, many casinos remove Surrender Blackjack. However if you like to play on Bitcoin, there are still places where you can try to beat casino with minimum risk.

Where it is possible to try Bitcoin Blackjack? What advantages at a game on Bitcoin?

The popular network of casino SoftSwiss provides you a set of variations blackjack bitcoin from various providers. In additives to a gambling platform for casino, SoftSwiss make games. Surrender Bitcoin blackjack from SoftSwiss with an ulterior motive is one of the most qualitative in the market. It is possible to check your success and in Dasist Casino, one of the best casinos of SoftSwiss network.

Also we advise to look towards CoinGaming. In BitCasino you can find various bitcoin blackjack tables with any limits.

So what advantages you it turns out playing on Bitcoin?

  • Instant and free transactions;
  • There is no need to confirm your personality. Anonymity is guaranteed;
  • An opportunity to play from the countries where gambling is forbidden.

In our articles and notes from experts you can will get acquainted with Bitcoin in more detail. Good luck and pleasant game!

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